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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hard to grasp

It's hard for me to sit in my comfortable air-conditioned home and watch the news this week. I see all the small children who are suffering and it breaks my heart into a thousand pieces. I have cried every night this week when I see the suffering on the news. I look at my home and my family and thank God we are all safe and together in our home. I know gas prices are really high and we want to complain about having to pay at the pump. But we should all take a step back and ask our selves "Would I rather be in New Orleans?" I bet the answer would be NO! I know what I believe and it is that God doesn't allow people to suffer for no reason. He is a just God and he loves all. I just think at times he allows things to happen in order to make us realize that we are not untouchable. I will continue to pray for the poeple in the devastation and I will also continue to priase God everyday for the wonder things he has given to me.


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